Course Outline

  • Introduction to Immersive Technology and current market Trend.
  • What is Augmented and Virtual Reality and how can it change the way we do things in our day to day life .
  • Introduction to tools and various SDKS we can use to create augmented and virtual reality interactions
  • Augmented reality demo application made in unity focusing on augmentation of print based media with image ,text,videos.
  • How can we extend these application in different sector and it's potential.
  • Demo virtual reality application along with how can virtual reality change the way we tell the story and its emotional impact.
  • An introduction to devices which we can use for creating these interactions like Google cardboard, Hololens, Htc vive,occulus rift, Gear VR etc
  • Conclusion and Resources which you can use to explore the depth of this technology.


  • Basic IT Knowledge


  • If you are a creative entrepreneur, this is your ideal introduction to today’s trends in the products and technologies of the emerging augmented and virtual reality market.
  • If you are a journalist, media/content producer or teacher, you will discover how to augment print-based media with sounds, images and videos.
  • If you are a web designer or app developer, you will gain a range of technological building blocks that you can integrate into your service portfolio.
  7 Hours

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