Course Outline


Understanding the Basics of Virtual Reality

Exploring the Different Applications of Virtual Reality

Working with the Three Illusions in Virtual Reality: Place Illusion, Plausibility Illusion, and Embodiment Illusion

Understanding the Challenges in Virtual Reality

Developing 3D Virtual Reality Environments

  • Understanding the Basics of 3D Graphics
  • Using 3D Engines and Development Environments

Developing Virtual Reality Graphics

Using Sound in Virtual Reality and Using Advanced 3D Audio Techniques for Experience Enhancement

Understanding the Requirements of Content Creation for Virtual Reality

Working with Interaction in Virtual Reality

Moving Around in Virtual Reality: Physical Navigation and Virtual Navigation Techniques

Interacting with Objects in Virtual Reality

  • Interacting with Objects within Reach
  • Hyper-Natural Interaction
  • Magic Interaction
  • Physics Interaction

Challenges in Virtual Reality Interaction

User Interfaces in Virtual Reality

Working with Characters in Virtual Reality

Animating and Controlling Virtual Characters' Body Movements in Virtual Reality

Recreating Facial Animation in Virtual Reality

Getting Ready to Develop Your First Virtual Reality Game

Developing a Storyboard for Your Game Concept

Developing a Working Prototype of Your Virtual Reality Game

Testing Your Prototype with Players

Developing the Game Proper

  • Refining the Virtual Reality Interaction
  • Implementing the Virtual Reality Graphics

Finishing Your Game

Summary and Conclusion


  • Basic programming experience
  35 Hours

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