Course Outline


  • Java Software Development Kit: Java SDK tools; Java compiler and Java interpreter; Building API documentation with Javadoc; Java archives
  • Java Language Fundamentals: Java statements; Code blocks; Primitive data types; Literals and variables; Converting data types; Operators; Packages
  • Flow Control: Decision making: if and if-else; The switch statement; Looping: for loops; while loops; do-while loops; for-each style loops; Assertionsv
  • Exception Handling: Catching exceptions; Throwing exceptions; Defining new exception classes
  • Using Classes: Creating new objects; Invoking methods; Passing parameters and using return values; Tour of the Java 2 Standard Edition library; Overview of the Object class; Using String and StringBuffer classes; Using the Java wrapper classes
  • Defining New Classes: Defining instance methods and instance variables; Defining and calling constructors; Comparing and cloning objects; Defining class methods and class variables
  • Inheritance: Defining subclasses; The ‘protected’ accessibility specifier; Accessing superclass members; Defining abstract classes; Defining abstract methods; Defining interfaces; Using interfaces in design
  • Inner Classes: Overview of inner classes; Defining and instantiating inner classes
  • Collections: Overview of Java SE collection classes; Generics; Using List-based collection classes; Using Set-based collection classes; Using Map-based collection classes; Collection techniques
  • Input and Output: Streams, readers, and writers; File and directory operations; Reading and writing to a file; Using filter classes
  • Concurrency: Overview of multithreading; Creating new threads; Object locking; Using wait, notify, and notifyAll
  • New Java Language Features: Annotations; Scripting integration; Overview of Web Service integration


Experience using a contemporary OO language such as C++ or C#.

 28 Hours

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