Course Outline


Preparing the Development Environment

Installing and Configuring Java Development Kit 10

Migrating from Older Versions to Java 10

  • Solutions to Compatibility Issues and Other Concerns

Overview of Java 10 Core Features

  • The Local Variable Inference Type
  • New Library Methods and Added Syntax Rules
  • Modified Garbage Collection in Java 10
  • Enhanced Java 10 Security Properties and Hashed Passwords
  • Overriding Methods and Other Tag Extensions

Working with Java 10 Local Variable Inference Type

  • How is it Different from Older Java Versions?
  • LVTI Implementations for Application Development

Creating an Application with Java 10

  • Paralleled Java 10 Full GC and the G1 Garbage Collector
  • Implementing the Java 10 Bytecode Generation
  • Utilizing the JavaDoc Multiple Stylesheets

Testing and Debugging the Application in JDK 10 Platform

Deploying the Java 10 Application

  • Utilizing Java 10 APIs for Unmodifiable Collections

Securing the Application with Enhanced Java 10 Features

  • The Default Root Certificates
  • Support for Transport Level Security (TLS)


Summary and Conclusion


  • Experience with Java programming language
  • An understanding of object-oriented programming concepts
  • Knowledge of Java platform and frameworks
  • Proficiency in using Java library classes and functions


  • Developers
  7 Hours

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