Course Outline


Preparing the Development Environment for Java 9

Installing and Configuring Java Development Kit 9

Migrating from Other Programming Languages to Java 9

  • Compatibility Issues and Other Concerns

Overview of Java 9 Fundamentals and Features

  • How is Java 9 Different from Older Versions?

Overview of the Java Platform Module System

  • Changes to Compile-Time and Run-Time of JDK Internal Classes
  • The Default Root Module for Java 9 Applications
  • Changes to the Boot Path and ClassLoader
  • Java 9 Packages, Objects, and Methods
  • Locating Class Files in JDK Modules
  • Syntax Modifications in Java 9

Overview of Java 9 String Format

  • Working with the Java 9 Versioning Scheme

Overview of Default Implementations in Java 9

Overview of Java 9 Tools Enhancement

  • The Java Shell
  • Working with Java Runtime Environment (JRE) in Java 9
  • Modifications to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) in Java 9
  • The Java Linker
  • What Other Functionalities are Removed in Java 9?

Overview of Java Language Updates in Java 9

  • The Core Libraries of Java 9

Creating Enterprise Applications with Java 9

  • Utilizing JavaFX for Developing Applications
  • API Specifications of Java 9

Testing and Debugging Java 9 Applications

Deploying Java 9 Applications

  • The Java 9 Plug-in and Control Panel
  • Application Packaging with Java 9

Documenting with JavaDoc Tool in Java 9

Securing Java 9 Code Executions and Applications


Summary and Conclusion


  • Experience with Java programming language
  • Background in object-oriented programming concepts
  • Knowledge of Java platform and frameworks
  • Experience with Java packages and libraries


  • Developers
  14 Hours

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