Course Outline


What is Malware?

  • Types of malware
  • How malware works
  • The lifecycle of malware

The Dangers of Malware

  • Who creates malware?
  • How malware is created
  • Case study: ILOVEYOU

Software Choices in the Face of Malware

  • Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Android and iPhone
  • Anti-malware software

How to Protect against Malware

  • Awareness as the foundation
  • Procedural measures
  • Technological measures
  • Detecting malware
  • Preventing malware

Malware in the Workplace

  • Advanced visibility tools
  • Detecting malware in a corporate networks
  • Costs of fighting malware

Malware Trends

  • What is cyber crime?
  • ROI of malware
  • Attacks on organizations and institutions

Summary and Conclusion


  • Basic understanding of IT
  • Basic understanding of cyber security


  • Non-technical persons
  7 Hours


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