Course Outline


Overview of Network Troubleshooting Methods

Overview of NetNORAD

Understanding the Goals of NetNORAD

Understanding Facebook's Network Hierarchy

Understanding Facebook's Proximity Tagging Method

Overview of NetNORAD's Main Components

Measuring Packet Loss Ratio and Network Latency with NetNORAD

Understanding the Method of Deploying the NetNORAD System
Understanding the Method of Data Processing with NetNORAD

Understanding the Process of Fault Isolation with NetNORAD

Working with Open-Source NetNORAD Components to Build Your Fault Detection System

  • Using the Pinger and Responder
  • Using the fbtracert Utility

Examining the Key Design Decisions Behind NetNORAD

Understanding the Advantages of Active Path Testing
Implementing Active Path Testing in Your Organization
Summary and Conclusion


  • Knowledge in basic networking concepts
  7 Hours


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