Course Outline


  • The DevOps philosophy and Continuous Integration (CI) principles
  • Overview of the OpenShift Architecture
  • OpenShift Container Platform v4 vs OpenShift Container Platform v3
  • Beyond Docker: CRI-O, Podman, Buildah

Understanding CI

  • The life cycle of a containerized application
  • How CI and OpenShift Container Platform fit together

Getting Started

  • Setting up the development environment
  • Working with container images and registries.
  • Setting up CI with Jenkins and Tekton Pipelines 
  • Developing an application in a CI Environment
  • Clustering the application

Working with Storage

  • Understanding OpenShift Container Storage
  • Setting up storage services

Woking with Application Services

  • Connecting, securing, controling, and observing services.
  • Creating a Service Mesh.

Automating Operations

  • Understanding lifecycle automation
  • Building an operator

Monitoring an Application

  • Working with Prometheus, Grafana, Elastic Search, FluentD and Kibana.
  • Monitor and troubleshooting transactions with Jaeger

Maintaining an Application

  • Remotely Debugging the Application
  • Deploying Custom Containers
  • Customizing OpenShift Container Platform


Summary and Next Steps


  • A general understanding of container concepts
  • Software development experience


  • Developers
  35 Hours


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