Course Outline


  • Modernizing the Telecom Network with OpenStack

Overview of OpenStack Features and Architecture

OpenStack as a Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Solution

Creating a Deployment Plan for a Telco-based Cloud 

Installing and Configuring OpenStack

Containerizing the VNF (Virtualized Network Function)

Overview of OpenStack Services

Administering OpenStack

Deploying and Managing Storage, Compute, Networking, etc.

Ensuring Interoperability

Case Study: Mitigating Costs with OpenStack

Tuning OpenStack for Performance

SDN and Virtual Switching

High-Availability, Scaling, and Fault Management

Ensuring Quality of Service in a Next-Generation Network

OpenStack as an Agile Infrastructure Fabric

Case Study: Flexible Service Offerings with OpenStack

Providing Content at the Edge of the Network

Deploying New Applications on OpenStack

Deploying a 5G Network on OpenStack

Deploying IoT Services on OpenStack

Contributing to OpenStack


Summary and Conclusion


  • An general understanding of Cloud Computing.
  • Linux administration experience.


  • IT managers
  • IT architects
  • Cloud engineers
  • System administrators
  • Network engineers
  14 Hours


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