Course Outline

Server installation Percona/MySQL

Version selection

  • Downloading the installer (YUM,RPM)
  • Installation in the system Linux

Server files and scripts Percona

  • Programs Percona / MySQL
  • Server Percona
  • Customer Percona
  • GUI tools

Server configuration Percona

  • Server mode SQL
  • Server system variables
  • Dynamic system variables
  • Server status variables
  • Closing process

Security issues Percona Server

  • Securing the server Percona against attacks
  • Security options
  • Security issues with LOAD DATA LOCAL

Percona Access Privilege access system

  • Permissions overview Percona Server
  • Permissions Provided by Percona
  • Connecting to the server Percona - steps
  • Access control, Stage 1: Connection verification
  • Access control, Stage 2: Request verification
  • Reasons for rejecting calls

User account management Percona

  • Users and passwords
  • Creating new users
  • Deleting user accounts
  • Limiting user permissions
  • Changing passwords

Database maintenance Percona

  • Backup and Recovery - DUMP vs. XtraBackup
  • Database replication
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Information about tables

Log Files Percona

Error Log

  • General Query Log
  • Update Log
  • BinaryLog
  • Slow Query Log
  • Log File Maintenance and Rotation

Percona Query Cache

  • The concept of query cache
  • Testing the query cache using SELECT
  • Configuring the query cache
  • Checking the buffer status

Installation and launch of the Percona XtraDB Cluster

 14 Hours

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