Course Outline


  • Overview of CDS views
  • Using ABAP Development Tools (ADT)
  • Using and analyzing a CDS view

Basic SQL Features

  • Defining a CDS view
  • Creating a CDS view with projection, selection, and inner join
  • Using ABAP annotations

More SQL Features

  • Using SQL expressions
  • Using built-in SQL functions
  • Nested views
  • Using aggregations
  • Using additional join types and UNION

Advanced Concepts

  • Using input parameters to define CDS views
  • Using associations to build CDS views
  • Enhancing a CDS view
  • Using authorization rules to link a CDS view

Database-Specific Features of ABAP CDS

  • Understanding and using CDS table functions

Consumption of CDS Views

  • Using a CDS view as a data source for ALV IDA
  • Using CDS Views as replacement objects
  • Generating OData services from CDS views
  • Consumption of CDS views in SAP Fiori
  • Analytics based on CDS views
  • Using virtual data models with CDS views

Summary and Next Steps


  • ABAP Workbench Foundations (BC400) or Introduction to ABAP Programming on SAP S/4HANA (S4D400)
  • ABAP Dictionary (BC430)


  • Developers
  • Development consultants
  21 Hours

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