Course Outline


Overview of SAP and ABAP

  • Accessing an SAP System
  • Navigating the SAP UI and ABAP Editor

Getting Started

  • Preparing the Development Environment
  • Creating a Simple SAP Application

ABAP Syntax, Data Structures and Operators

  • Working with Basic Data Types and Operators

Working with Data

  • Writing to an ABAP Data Dictionary
  • Performing Calculations with ABAP
  • Handling Text Data

Implementing Application Logic

  • Running Code Conditionally (True, False, If, While, etc.)
  • Executing Code Repeatedly (While, For, etc.)

Working with Data (continued)

  • Using SQL to Write to, Delete, and Change Data in Database Tables
  • Storing and Formatting Data using Internal Tables

Developing Reports and User Interfaces

  • Building a Report Interface
  • Building a User Selection Screen

Modifying an Application

  • Modularizing an Application

Testing and Debugging

  • Testing Strategies for an ABAP Application
  • Debugging ABAP Code

Summary and Conclusion


  • An understanding of basic SAP Hana concepts
  • Experience with SAP ERP


  • Developers
  • SAP functional consultants
  21 Hours


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