Course Outline


  • Understanding the differences among SAP ASE, SAP Sybase ASE and Sybase SQL Server
  • Host vs Client/Server Systems

Overview of SAP ASE Architecture

SAP ASE SQL Fundamentals

Useful Linux/Unix Commands, Techniques and Tools

Installing and Configuring SAP ASE

Connecting SAP ASE with other Servers and Services

Creating an SAP ASE Database

Working with SAP ASE OS Files

Querying Data in SAP ASE

Transaction Management in SAP ASE

Integrating SAP ASE with non-SAP ASE applications

Configuring SAP ASE Memory for Optimal Performance

Administering System Roles and Logins

SAP ASE Security Management

SAP ASE Backup and Recovery

SAP ASE Space Management

Data Replication with SAP ASE

Managing Database Consistency

Object Resource Management

SAP ASE System Management Tools and Servers

Troubleshooting SAP ASE

Summary and Conclusion


  • An understanding of database concepts
  • Experience with the Linux command line


  • Database Administrators (DBA)
 28 Hours

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