Course Outline


  • Introduction to Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)
  • Evolution and benefits of SAP EWM
  • Understanding the concepts in EWM
  • Overview of SAP EWM features and architecture

Setting up SAP EWM

  • System landscape and technical requirements
  • EWM installation and configuration
  • Setting up EWM organizational units
  • Defining warehousing structures 
  • Configuration of EWM master data

Working with SAP EWM Processes

  • Goods receipt and issue processes in EWM
  • Stock transfer processes in EWM
  • Physical inventory processes in EWM
  • Quality management in EWM
  • Understanding and using EWM transition codes

Monitoring and Processing with Mobile Devices

  • Mobile device configuration and integration
  • Mobile applications for warehouse processes
  • Work center monitoring and performance analysis

Warehouse Organization

  • Layout-oriented storage control
  • Warehouse order creation and processing
  • Slotting and rearrangement of warehouse goods
  • Warehouse process types and strategies
  • Cross-docking and wave management

Optimizing Resources

  • Resource management in EWM
  • Workforce management and labor demand planning
  • Resource optimization techniques
  • Automation warehousing
  • Energy management and sustainability in EWM

Working with Warehouse Extensions

  • EWM add-ons and enhancements
  • Integration of material flow systems
  • Handling unit management and packaging optimization

Combining Inbound and Outbound Processes

  • Cross-docking strategies and best practices
  • Value-added services in inbound and outbound processes
  • Handling returns and reverse logistics
  • Vendor-managed inventory (VMI)


Summary and Conclusion


  • An understanding of ERP basic concepts.


  • Consultants
  • Solutions architects
  • Business analysts
  35 Hours


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