Course Outline


  • Overview of SAP IBP
  • Understanding SAP IBP applications


  • Using configuration to model a business
  • Creating an attribute
  • Creating simple and compound master data type
  • Creating a time profile
  • Creating a planning area and level
  • Creating key figures and writing a key figure calculation
  • Creating a version and reason code

Model Activation and Object Deletion

  • Activating a planning area
  • Deleting an active object

Data Integration

  • Identifying options for importing data
  • Importing data using the SAP IBP300 web user interface

Planning Area

  • Executing a simple copy of a planning area
  • Executing an advanced copy of a planning area
  • Merging a planning area
  • Using SAP naming conventions

User Administration

  • Overview of user management
  • Creating a permission filter
  • Creating user preferences

Key Figure Functions

  • Implementing disaggregation
  • Using helper key figures
  • Configuring change history
  • Creating snapshot key figures


  • Converting currency
  • Creating a time-independent key figure
  • Converting Units of Measure (UOM)
  • Converting price

Attribute Transformations and Advanced Configuration

  • Transforming attributes
  • Configuring last period aggregation
  • Configuring split factor calculations
  • Creating and comparing versions and scenarios
  • Importing and exporting planning areas

Planning Operators and Application Jobs

  • Overview of planning operators
  • Purging key figure data (PURGE)
  • Copying and disaggregating key figure values
  • Creating a job chain
  • Creating an ABC classification

Supply Review

  • Understanding planning levels using supply calculations
  • Setting up an alert in a favorite

Summary and Next Steps


  • SAP IBP for Supply Chain (IBP100)
  • SAP IBP Platform Features and Time Series Based Heuristics Planning (IBP200)


  • Business Process Architects
  • Business Process Owners/Leads
  • IBP Application Consultants
  • Program/Project Managers
 35 Hours

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