Course Outline

Introduction to Warehouse Management

  • Overview of SAP Warehouse Management (WM)
  • Understanding warehouse structure and master data

Working with Organization Data

  • Defining the warehouse structure
  • Understanding the basic warehouse data
  • Warehouse transfer requirement

Transfer Order (TO)

  • Using number range for TO
  • Creating TO
  • TO background creation
  • Confirming TO
  • Canceling TO
  • Printing TO

Understanding Storage Strategies

  • Empty bin
  • Working with fixed tray and open storage
  • Adding to existing bin
  • Using pallets
  • Using fixed bin strategies

Selection Strategies

  • Shelf life expiration
  • FIFO and LIFO
  • Rigorous FIFO

Warehouse Management (WM) Business Scenarios

  • Processing goods receipts with inbound delivery
  • Processing goods receipts without inbound delivery
  • Goods for internal consumption
  • Controlling replenishment for storage type

Warehouse Movement

  • Types of warehouse movement
  • Defining reference movement codes for WM
  • Assigning reference movement codes to WM movement codes

Research Strategies

  • Storage type search
  • Storage section search
  • Storage bin type search

Using Batch Management in WM

  • Using condition tables
  • Managing access sequence
  • WM batch search procedure
  • Using batch status and batch SLED in WM
  • Understanding characteristics and class
  • Using manual and automatic batch display in WM

Summary and Next Steps


  • An understanding of ERP basic concepts


  • Product consultants
  • Solutions architects
  • Business analysts
 35 Hours

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