Course Outline


Overview of SDN Features and Architecture

  • SDN versus traditional networking
  • Basic components (applications, controllers, networking devices)

Setting up a Virtual Network

  • VirtualBox configuration
  • Mininet virtual machine (VM) installation

Understanding Mininet Basics

  • Mininet topologies
  • Mininet commands

Creating Applications Without a Controller

  • Hub, switch, and firewall applications

Using Custom Topologies Using APIs

  • Low, mid, and high level APIs
  • MiniEdit

Creating Applications With a Controller

  • Floodlight setup
  • Remote control

Managing Network Traffic

  • Network management using Wireshark

Exploring Network Virtualization

  • Network virtualization
  • Multi-tenancy

Operating Using OpenDaylight

  • Components
  • OpenDaylight controller
  • Creating applications
  • Observing and logging

Using Tungsten Fabric for Multi-Tenant Networks

  • Architecture and network principles
  • Components
  • Network services configuration
  • Observing, logging, and analytics


Summary and Conclusion


  • Basic understanding of networking


  • System administrators
  • Network engineers
  • Developers
 28 Hours

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