Course Outline


Overview of IP Data Networks Operation

Overview of IP Routing Technologies and Hands-On Router Configuration

Managing CISCO IOS Files and Images

Managing Licensing, Showing and Changing Licenses

Configuring and Verifying DHCP (IOS Router)

Implementing Basic Network Device Security

Configuring and Verifying Basic VOIP on Router and Switch

Understanding Networking and Switching Technologies

Building a Solid Understanding of VoIP

Understanding SIP

Understanding VoIP Systems and Services

Understanding Security Risks and Implementing Security Best Practices for VOIP

Understanding Codecs, Compression, and Voice

Overview of CISCO CallManager Express (CME)

Understanding the Fundamentals and Key Features of CME

Installing CME Firmware Files

Implementing Basic Administration Tasks and Troubleshooting on CME

Using the Skinny Client Control Protocol (SCCP), H.323 Protocol, and SIP Protocol

Working with the Cisco CME Network Parameters - Voice VLAN

Setting Up DHCP Service for CME

Setting Up VoIP Gateway to Connect to T1/E1/PRI Trunk

Setting Up VoIP Gateway to Connect to FXO/FXS Ports

Setting Up VoIP Gateway with CUBE

Configuring and Setting Up SCCP IP Phones on CME

Configuring and Setting Up SIP IP Phones on CME

Configuring and Setting Up Softphones on CME

Configuring and Setting Up CME Features

Working with Cisco Packet Voice DSP Modules (PVDM)

Working with VoIP Dial-Peer and Describing Various Transport Characteristics of the Connection

Working with VoIP Translation Patterns and Implementing their Best Practices on CME

Understanding and Using Power over Ethernet (POE) Switches for VoIP

Summary and Conclusion


  • Working knowledge of CISCO 1, 2, 3, and 4
  • Basic knowledge in networking concepts
  • Basic familiarity with VoIP
 35 Hours

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