Android Nougat for Android Developers

  21 hours

Practice-based activities.

Łukasz Kołodziejczak [Android Fundamentals]

tests, threads, services, support tools

Grzegorz Wodyński [Android Fundamentals]

exercises presentation of examples

Łukasz Jaworski [Android Fundamentals]

A large number of examples and a wide range of knowledge of the teacher

Piotr Pabiasz [Android Fundamentals]

Antonio gave is much background information, best practices and showed us useful tools to speed up our development process.

Philipp Hunger [Cross-platform mobile development with PhoneGap/Apache Cordova]

I really enjoyed the fairly broad coverage of topics.

john harrigan [Android Development]

Learning about the overall ease of using Android Studios to build android apps.

Joshua Anderson [Android Development]

Very comprehensive of a general overview. Exactly what I was after.

Matt Shelton [Android Development]

All of it was excellent and well taught. Very interesting.

Daniel Welch [Android Development]

It was very interesting and I gained a lot of valuable knowledge.

Shaun Lawlor [Android Development]

The trainer's passion and extensive commercial experience thanks to which he is perfectly listened to.

- Weegree Sp. z o.o. Sp.k. [Develop Android Applications]

Exercises were fun and it was good to see how quickly an application can be developed in Android Studio.

- Sepura [Android Fundamentals - Fast Track]

Detail level and number of labs

- FedEx [Android Development]

I like the teaching style very friendly and informative on the subject.

- FedEx [Android Development]

breaking down the multiple services, actions, devices, etc into the component parts.

Delaine Stoutenburgh - FedEx [Android Development]

The detail given about each topic was really nice, he made sure we understood each topic before moving to the next.

Richie Wood - FedEx [Android Development]

Training materials, Exercise's & Trainer

- FedEx [Android Development]

Knowledge of trainer

- FedEx [Android Development]

The lecture book and lab

- FedEx [Android Development]

Lectures (David is very knowledgeable on Android)

Johnny Miller - FedEx [Android Development]

Instructor's great knowledge about the material.

- FedEx [Android Development]

Clear and repeated emphasis on important aspects of Android development

- FedEx [Android Development]

The set of lab material seems really good. It's a great resource to keep after the training.

- FedEx [Android Development]

Documentation-based translation

- Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza im. Stanisława Staszica w Krakowie [Android Development]

I really appreciated the instructor's openness to questions and the thorough, justified answers provided. He was clearly keenly interested in the subject and as a result the course was much more enjoyable.

SAA Consultants LTD [Android Fundamentals - Fast Track]

Bogusław Balawajder - Gmina Miejska Kraków []

Other regions in the UAE