Android - The Basics

  28 hours

Develop Android Applications

  21 hours

Android Development

  28 hours

Android Fundamentals

  56 hours

Android Fundamentals - Fast Track

  28 hours

Android HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer)

  21 hours

Android System Programming

  28 hours

Android Applications Testing

  21 hours

Android TV

  14 hours

Dependency Injection with Dagger 2

  14 hours

Tizen for Developers

  28 hours

Wear OS for Developers

  21 hours

Cross-platform mobile development with PhoneGap/Apache Cordova

  21 hours

Java Fundamentals for Android

  14 hours

Kivy: Building Android Apps with Python

  7 hours

Kotlin for iOS and Android Development

  35 hours

RxJava for Android Developers

  21 hours

TensorFlow Lite for Android

  21 hours

Antonio gave is much background information, best practices and showed us useful tools to speed up our development process.

Philipp Hunger [Cross-platform mobile development with PhoneGap/Apache Cordova]

I really enjoyed the fairly broad coverage of topics.

john harrigan [Android Development]

Learning about the overall ease of using Android Studios to build android apps.

Joshua Anderson [Android Development]

Very comprehensive of a general overview. Exactly what I was after.

Matt Shelton [Android Development]

All of it was excellent and well taught. Very interesting.

Daniel Welch [Android Development]

It was very interesting and I gained a lot of valuable knowledge.

Shaun Lawlor [Android Development]

Exercises were fun and it was good to see how quickly an application can be developed in Android Studio.

- Sepura [Android Fundamentals - Fast Track]

Detail level and number of labs

- FedEx [Android Development]

I like the teaching style very friendly and informative on the subject.

- FedEx [Android Development]

breaking down the multiple services, actions, devices, etc into the component parts.

Delaine Stoutenburgh - FedEx [Android Development]

The detail given about each topic was really nice, he made sure we understood each topic before moving to the next.

Richie Wood - FedEx [Android Development]

Training materials, Exercise's & Trainer

- FedEx [Android Development]

Knowledge of trainer

- FedEx [Android Development]

The lecture book and lab

- FedEx [Android Development]

Lectures (David is very knowledgeable on Android)

Johnny Miller - FedEx [Android Development]

Instructor's great knowledge about the material.

- FedEx [Android Development]

Clear and repeated emphasis on important aspects of Android development

- FedEx [Android Development]

The set of lab material seems really good. It's a great resource to keep after the training.

- FedEx [Android Development]

I really appreciated the instructor's openness to questions and the thorough, justified answers provided. He was clearly keenly interested in the subject and as a result the course was much more enjoyable.

SAA Consultants LTD [Android Fundamentals - Fast Track]

Practice-based activities.

Łukasz Kołodziejczak [Android Fundamentals]

tests, threads, services, support tools

Grzegorz Wodyński [Android Fundamentals]

exercises presentation of examples

Łukasz Jaworski [Android Fundamentals]

A large number of examples and a wide range of knowledge of the teacher

Piotr Pabiasz [Android Fundamentals]

The trainer's passion and extensive commercial experience thanks to which he is perfectly listened to.

- Weegree Sp. z o.o. Sp.k. [Develop Android Applications]

Documentation-based translation

- Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza im. Stanisława Staszica w Krakowie [Android Development]

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