Business Continuity Practitioner

  14 hours

Procurement and Contract Management Essentials

  14 hours

The pace of training delivery.

Ian McInally - KnowledgePool [Business Continuity Practitioner]

the exercises and group discussions.

KnowledgePool [Business Continuity Practitioner]

The trainer was very knowledgeable and was happy to go at the pace of the attendees. He was polite and respectful to all those in attendance. I felt I learnt a lot from the course as the trainer was very succinct in his delivery when going through the PP slides. A really good, worth while course from my personal point of view.

Julie Price - KnowledgePool [Business Continuity Practitioner]

The environment was really relaxed and open so everyone could ask questions or put across points of view or experience. David the trainer was a SME on the subject and his style was very good.

KnowledgePool [Business Continuity Practitioner]

The second day, scenarios exercises.

Christina Hutchings - KnowledgePool [Business Continuity Practitioner]

I liked the trainer's introduction and anecdotes to make the learning more real

KnowledgePool [Business Continuity Practitioner]

David's in depth knowledge. His relationship building skills with the audience. I really enjoyed the way he managed to make us (as a collective audience) enjoy the quite dry and uninteresing subject matter. He had anecdotes and knowledge of specific examples of security failings - hacker attacks - BCP 'breakdowns' etc which put flesh on the bones to the piece of legislation or 'best practice' for BCP that he was trying to teach us about. A really engaging, down to earth and personable man: A very good listener and a fabulous, charismatic trainer.

Cris Bollin - KnowledgePool [Business Continuity Practitioner]

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