Course Outline

  • Introduction to Procurement
  • The Procurement Cycle
    • Sourcing and Category Strategy
    • Procuring/Tendering
    • Contracting
    • Supplier Management
  • Procurement Roles and Responsibilities
  • Operational Procurement (Systems, Processes, Policies and Governance)
  • Sector and Operating Model Variances
  • Procurement Tools
    • Supplier/Buyer Segmentation
    • Scorecards
    • RAID logs
  • Core Skills
    • Impact and Influence
    • Timekeeping
    • Project Management
    • Understanding Contract Law
    • Negotiation
  • Additional Procurement Skills
    • Data Analysis
    • Market Research
    • Active Listening
  • Developing Supplier Relationships and Conducting Review Meetings
  • Developing Stakeholder Engagement
  • Best Practice
  • Sources of Insight
  • Role of the contract manager
  • Structuring the contract management process to optimise contract performance
  • The contract management lifecycle
  • Structure of the legal contract and practical implications for contract managers
  • Role of risk management in managing supplier contracts and business continuity
  • Contract performance management tools and techniques, including key performance indicators (KPIs) and service-level agreements (SLAs)
  • Contract Healthcheck and SWOT analysis
  • Performance management and continuous improvement
  • Application of supply chain management and process improvement principles to deliver contract objectives
  • Effective supplier and stakeholder relationship management
  • Problem-solving tools and techniques
  • The Contract Management Framework (CMF)
  • Contract Scorecards
  • Benchmarking, performance reviews and dispute resolution
  • Managing under-performance and contractual issues effectively
  • Supplier performance review meetings
  • Common contract clauses



  • those undertaking procurement responsibilities as part of their job role
  • stakeholders seeking to gain a greater understanding of procurement activities
  • non-procurement professionals who wish to understand the procurement process
  • managers responsible for supporting contract management staff (operations and procurement)
  • supplier personnel who manage contract delivery with their customers
  • those in procurement requiring a detailed insight into contract performance management
  • anyone with responsibility for contract management within their wider role
  14 Hours

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