Course Outline


  • HTML to create Web pages
  • The rules of HTML.
  • Standards
  • Software

The main elements of a web page text

  • The header and content of the page
  • The titles of sections
  • Separators

Style Sheets (CSS) and their connection to the site General settings for the Web site

  • Settings for all parties (including font sizes and background color of the letter)
  • Borders and frames for different page elements
  • Polish character codes

Formatting paragraphs and titles (using CSS)

  • Indentation and spacing
  • Centered and change the background color of the titles
  • The use of caps or all caps

Other elements of the page

  • Lists
  • Tables
  • Graphics and use of colors
  • Elements of "div" and "span" and the creation of more complex layouts
  • Using comments and special characters

Links / Hyperlinks

  • Insert Hyperlink
  • File sharing via the web
  • Automatic creation of an e-mail
  • Change how to view links
  • Using graphics as hyperlinks / link

Directories and files

  • Saving a file path (relative path and absolute)
  • File "index.html"
  • Graphic files: PNG, JPEG / JPG, GIF

Providing web pages

  • The rules engine optimization
  • Elements of "meta", "description", "keywords"
  • Recording of the search
  • Thematic catalogs


Computer skills.

  21 Hours


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