Course Outline

Introduction to Augmented Reality

Exploring the Applications of Augmented Reality in Different Industries

Understanding the Building Blocks of Augmented Reality

Exploring Tools and Software for Augmented Reality Development on Windows

  • Vuforia Augmented Reality SDK/engine for mobile devices
  • Unity cross-platform game engine

Setting Up the Development Environment

  • Installing and Configuring Unity with Vuforia Support

Choosing an Image to Connect the Real World to the Virtual World

Adding Markers and Targets

Working with the Camera, Package, and Inspector Panel on Unity

Extracting Data from the Basic Augmented Reality Components

  • Camera Data
  • Location Data

Storing and Accessing Augmentation Data

Creating a Basic Augmented Reality Windows App

Integrating Other Sensor Data into Your Augmented Reality Windows App

Integrating User Interactions into Your Augmented Reality Windows App

Testing Your Augmented Reality Windows App


Submitting Your Augmented Reality App to the Windows Store

Summary and Conclusion


  • Programming experience in any language
  14 Hours


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