Course Outline


  • Blender vs Autodesk 3ds Max vs Cinema 4D
  • Overview of Blender features and benefits

Getting Started

  • Installing Blender
  • Basic modeling concepts
  • Navigating the UI

Editing Basics

  • Types of editors
  • Switching between edit and object modes
  • Vertices, edges, and faces
  • Editing mesh data and objects

Modeling Meshes

  • Modeling modes
  • Structuring meshes
  • Adding primitives
  • Selecting and editing meshes
  • Object data, vertex groups, and custom data
  • UV maps and unwrapping
  • Mesh analysis and retopology

Curves and Surfaces

  • Tools and structure
  • Bézier and NURBS
  • Transforming objects
  • Shapes and splines

Metaballs and Hair Particles

  • Tools and structure
  • Adding and editing meta objects
  • Using grease pencil
  • Modifying particles

Sculpting and Painting

  • Enabling selection masking
  • Using the brush tool
  • Shaping models in sculpt mode
  • Adaptive sculpting methods
  • Editing UV textures and images

Animation and Rigging

  • Keyframes and keying sets
  • Using armature for rigging
  • Applying the lattice
  • Constraints, actions, and drivers
  • Markers, shape keys, and motion paths

Rendering 3D Scenes

  • Render engines in Blender
  • Eevee, cycles, and workbench
  • Using cameras, light objects, and materials
  • Shading nodes and color management
  • Freestyle non-photorealistic (NPR) rendering
  • Using layers and passes
  • Rendering and previewing animations

Exporting Files

  • Supported media formats
  • Exporting files to Alembic
  • Using the Collada module
  • Exporting files as USD, SVG, and PDF


Summary and Next Steps


  • Basic computer usage experience
  • Familiarity with 3D modeling


  • Artists
  • Game developers
  • Complete beginners
 35 Hours

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