Course Outline

Introduction to BPM

  • Modeling an organization's business processes
  • BPM vs ERP

Overview of Bonita BPM

  • Bonita BPM Architecture
  • Bonita BPM vs JBPM

Installation and Setup

Defining Your Process with Bonita Studio

Exploring Bonita BPM Workspace

Modeling Your Process using Visual Flowcharts

Adding Data Types

Creating Forms

Changing Element Types

Making Your Process Executable

Aligning Elements and Adding Notes

Using Connectors to Interact with External Applications

Managing Organizations, Users, and Actors

Setting up Reporting

Configuring Your Process for Deployment and Testing

Testing Your Processes

Deploying Your Processes

Summary and Conclusion


  • No programming skills required.


  • Managers, business analysts and process designers who wish to design, validate and simulate a process with Bonita BPM.
  7 Hours


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