Course Outline


  • What is ChatGPT and how does it work?
  • Overview of ChatGPT for Human Resources

ChatGPT for Employee Support

  • Automating employee support using ChatGPT
  • Handling frequently asked questions and common HR inquiries
  • Customizing ChatGPT for HR-specific responses

ChatGPT for Recruitment

  • Using ChatGPT to assist in candidate screening and selection
  • Conducting automated interviews with ChatGPT
  • Leveraging ChatGPT for candidate engagement and feedback

ChatGPT for HR Analytics

  • Analyzing HR data with ChatGPT
  • Extracting insights and patterns from employee data
  • Using ChatGPT for predictive HR analytics

ChatGPT for Performance Management

  • Enhancing performance management processes with ChatGPT
  • Providing feedback and coaching through ChatGPT
  • Utilizing ChatGPT for performance evaluation and goal setting

Ethical Considerations and Best Practices

  • Ensuring ethical use of ChatGPT in HR applications
  • Addressing biases and fairness in HR decisions
  • Best practices for deploying and integrating ChatGPT in HR workflows

Future Developments and Trends

  • Exploring the future potential of ChatGPT in HR
  • Keeping up with advancements in AI and NLP relevant to HR

Summary and Next Steps


  • Basic computer experience
  • Familiarity with HR terminology and concepts


  • HR professionals
  • Recruiters
  • Talent acquisition specialists
  • People analytics professionals
  14 Hours


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