Course Outline


Serverless Services Overview

  • Physical servers vs cloud servers

  • Defining serverless architecture

Serverless Design Patterns

  • Object storage

  • Event handling and streams

  • Serverless containers

Preparing the Development Environment

  • Installing and configuring Firecracker

Firecracker Quickstart

  • Setting up and configuring guest kernel and root filesystems

  • Creating microVMs

  • Adding network interfaces and drives

Serverless Architecture

  • Developing a native-cloud architecture

  • Working with design patterns

  • Migrating data structures

Securing the Serverless Application

  • Implementing identity and access management with microVMs

Deploying the Serverless Application

  • Deploying the serverless application on a cloud service

Summary and Conclusion


  • An understanding of cloud computing


  • DevOps Engineers
 7 Hours

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