Course Outline


Google AdWords Overview

  • What is Google AdWords?
  • Google AdWords features

Preparing the Environment

  • Setting up Google AdWords

Launching a Campaign

  • Working with Google search partners
  • Targetting languages and locations

Search Ads

  • Creating search ads


  • Using Google AdWords tool
  • Using Google Keyword Planner
  • Combining keywords and landing pages

Google AdWords Search Analytics

  • Integrating Google AdWords with Google Analytics
  • Reviewing statistics and performance

Bid Strategies

  • Working with competition metrics
  • Using automated rules

Conversion Campaign

  • Using conversion tracking
  • Adding a conversion tag


  • Adding a remarketing tag
  • Working with remarketing lists and audiences

Ad Extensions

  • Adding extensions to ads
  • Viewing the finished ad

Summary and Conclusion


  • A basic understanding of computers


  • Marketeers
  7 Hours


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