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adintro Introduction to Advertising 7 hours This one day course is designed for anyone who wants to manage and/or produce their own advertising effectively or is new to a marketing function and needs to understand how advertising works
b2bbrandman B2B Brand Management 7 hours A lot of courses deal with Brand Management but only few of them focuses on Business to Business branding. This course focuses on B2B branding which is substantially different from B2C brand management.
netmrk Using The Internet As A Marketing Channel For Businesses 14 hours Why Focus On Using The Internet As A Marketing Channel [for Promotion & Consumption of your products and/or services]? Your company may have a superior product in terms of Brand Recognition, Pricing & Usability however - without giving adequate attention to the path that the product takes before it end up in the hands of the end user; your organization can quickly find itself losing significant market share. The internet is becoming increasingly involved in the purchasing decisions of the end user. The internet can be both a strategic Promotion as well as Consumption channel. The challenge however is for organizations to incorporate the internet into the corporate plans from a strategic perspective. Benefits of attending this comprehensive course will include : Learning practical tips how to stabilize existing client bases, acquire new customers and ultimately drive revenues Getting simply stated, armed with the practical, down to earth, tried and tested information Enabling the organizations to modify and extend their strategies & Tactics as appropriate in order to separate themselves from the competition Why should you attend? The overall effective use of the internet as a channel to market works in conjunction with the existing components of the Business strategy, such as Branding, Pricing, the USP & specific target Market segments in order to ultimately sell more to existing customers as well as acquiring new ones. As the focus of this program extends far beyond the standard practice of a company having a website and employing an agency to run Pay Per click campaigns all those involved with the Sales, Marketing and Support functions of the organisation will gain from exposing themselves to the content of the seminar.
pginttrade A Practical Guide to International Trade 14 hours Why should you attend? We live and work in an increasingly global market which offers opportunities at every turn which we need to take. In some ways the world market is becomingly increasingly accessible, especially thanks to the internet. However, with the increased opportunities come increased competition and most of the complexities (about International Trade) remain in place. Knowing the best ways to find your place on the international market is crucial to the success and growth of any business. We can provide you with the useful information and the best practice examples to make your International Growth plans and targets come true. Is business an increasing challenge to you and your company? Do you need to find new markets and new clients? Do you need to increase sales and profitability? If the answer is yes to any of these three questions then this is a must do. The knowledge we give you will get you into new markets and enable you to find new clients. Turning theory into practice: The purpose behind this 2-day training course is to simplify and explain the processes of International Trade. You'll leave our event more confident and more positive to continue and expand your international activities. We'll provide several examples (involving trade in the Far East, Eastern Europe, USA and other markets), case studies and exercises to enable you to improve and expand your knowledge about International trading.   Who should attend? This course is designed for Sales and Marketing managers & professionals involved in International Trading. This course is also vital to everyone who trades with other markets and needs to improve their knowledge and approach.
yourbb Understanding Your Brand and Your Business 21 hours Audience This course is designed for all staff requiring a wider view of their part of the business; their specific roles within it; and of their involvement in improving its contribution to the organisation as a whole Format of the course A combination of: Facilitated Discussions Slide Presentations Exercises By the end of the workshop, attendees will be able to: Explain what “brand” is and how they can influence it Understand the process for Change strategies and your company’s position within them Detail the relevant principles underlying any change to a business Realise the importance of Customer / Stakeholder relationships in the successful running of any business Define the financial aspects of a business and of the delegates’ part of that business Determine the important aspects of negotiating to ensure the best possible outcome for their part of the business
3247 Facebook in advertising and marketing 7 hours
digimarketing Digital Marketing 14 hours This training is best suitable for people into Digital Marketing and Strategies. The training covers the concepts essential to gain a traction on the digital media. It provides the delegates with an introduction to key digital marketing concepts, from mobile marketing and social media marketing to Email marketing, PPC marketing and SEO. By the end of the training we understand the importance of analytics and good strategy with suitable examples.

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