Course Outline


Understanding Hadoop's Architecture and Key Concepts

Understanding the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

  • Overview of HDFS and its Architectural Design
  • Interacting with HDFS
  • Performing Basic File Operations on HDFS
  • Overview of HDFS Command Reference
  • Overview of Snakebite
  • Installing Snakebite
  • Using the Snakebite Client Library
  • Using the CLI Client

Learning the MapReduce Programming Model with Python

  • Overview of the MapReduce Programming Model
  • Understanding Data Flow in the MapReduce Framework
    • Map
    • Shuffle and Sort
    • Reduce
  • Using the Hadoop Streaming Utility
    • Understanding How the Hadoop Streaming Utility Works
    • Demo: Implementing the WordCount Application on Python
  • Using the mrjob Library
    • Overview of mrjob
    • Installing mrjob
    • Demo: Implementing the WordCount Algorithm Using mrjob
    • Understanding How a MapReduce Job Written with the mrjob Library Works
    • Executing a MapReduce Application with mrjob
    • Hands-on: Computing Top Salaries Using mrjob

Learning Pig with Python

  • Overview of Pig
  • Demo: Implementing the WordCount Algorithm in Pig
  • Configuring and Running Pig Scripts and Pig Statements
    • Using the Pig Execution Modes
    • Using the Pig Interactive Mode
    • Using the Pic Batch Mode
  • Understanding the Basic Concepts of the Pig Latin Language
    • Using Statements
    • Loading Data
    • Transforming Data
    • Storing Data
  • Extending Pig's Functionality with Python UDFs
    • Registering a Python UDF File
    • Demo: A Simple Python UDF
    • Demo: String Manipulation Using Python UDF
    • Hands-on: Calculating the 10 Most Recent Movies Using Python UDF

Using Spark and PySpark

  • Overview of Spark
  • Demo: Implementing the WordCount Algorithm in PySpark
  • Overview of PySpark
    • Using an Interactive Shell
    • Implementing Self-Contained Applications
  • Working with Resilient Distributed Datasets (RDDs)
    • Creating RDDs from a Python Collection
    • Creating RDDs from Files
    • Implementing RDD Transformations
    • Implementing RDD Actions
  • Hands-on: Implementing a Text Search Program for Movie Titles with PySpark

Managing Workflow with Python

  • Overview of Apache Oozie and Luigi
  • Installing Luigi
  • Understanding Luigi Workflow Concepts
    • Tasks
    • Targets
    • Parameters
  • Demo: Examining a Workflow that Implements the WordCount Algorithm
  • Working with Hadoop Workflows that Control MapReduce and Pig Jobs
    • Using Luigi's Configuration Files
    • Working with MapReduce in Luigi
    • Working with Pig in Luigi

Summary and Conclusion


  • Experience with Python programming
  • Basic familiarity with Hadoop
 28 Hours

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