Course Outline

I. Environmental Management System compliant with the requirements of ISO14001

  1. Elements of the Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001
  2. Exercises in interpretation and analysis of ISO 14001 requirements

II. Audits – general information

  1. Entire audit
  2. Types of audits

III. Audit planning and preparation

  1. Audit criteria and scope
  2. Selection of a team of auditors
  3. Process approach to internal audits
  4. Important Aspects When Creating a Control Question List
  5. Practical exercises

IV. Conducting an audit – rules for conducting an on-site audit

  1. Auditing techniques
  2. Objective evidence
  3. Identification of non-conformities and the ability to demonstrate them
  4. Practical exercises

V. Documenting audit results

  1. Skilful formulation of inconsistencies
  2. Documenting non-conformities
  3. Identifying and documenting insights and potential for improvement
  4. Summary of Audit Results – Audit Report
  5. Practical exercises

VI. Effective post-audit activities

  1. Responsibilities related to the initiation of corrective and corrective actions
  2. The Importance of Precisely Determining the Causes of Non-Conformity
  3. Define corrective actions
  4. Evaluation of the effectiveness of actions
  5. Post-audit activities in relation to insights and potentials for improvement
  6. Practical exercises

VII. Discussion and summary



  • Persons preparing for the position of ISO 14001 Internal Auditor
  • Anyone interested in the topic
 35 Hours

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