Course Outline


MicroK8s Overview

  • What is MicroK8s?
  • MicroK8s features
  • MicroK8s architecture

Preparing the DevOps Environment

  • Installing MicroK8s

MicroK8s Quick Start

  • Creating groups and granting permission
  • Working with MicroK8s commands
  • Accessing Kubernetes
  • Deploying applications

Add-Ons in MicroK8s

  • Enabling and disabling add-ons
  • Using current add-ons

Advanced Configurations

  • Configuring services
  • Working with multi-node clusters

Images and Registries

  • Using images
  • Working with registries

Securing the Application

  • Configuring authorization and authentication


  • Diagnosing issues
  • Using MicroK8s.inspect

Summary and Conclusion


  • Experience with Kubernetes


  • DevOps Engineers
  14 Hours


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