Course Outline


Nginx as a front-end for IoT (load balancer, reverse proxy, application delivery platform)

  • Differences between Nginx vs Ngnix Plus

Management and monitoring capabilities

  • Overview of TCP, HTTP and UDP protocols
  • Bandwidth requirements
  • UDP role in IoT communications

Overview of Nginx Architecture and Functionality

  • How Nginx maintains connection "state"
  • How Ngnix handls TCP and UDP (conversation, etc.)
  • How Nginx passes IP addresses to the backend

Case Study: Nginix as an IOT server

  • IoT Architecture: sensors, hubs and servers

Installing Nginx

  • Debian, Ubuntu and source installations

Using Nginx as a Load balancer

  • About performance and scalability
  • Load balancing TCP / HTTP connections
  • Load balancing UDP connections

Using Nginx as a reverse proxy

  • Replacing default configuration with new one
  • Modifying request headers
  • Fine-tuned buffering of responses

Using Nginx as a forward proxy

  • Configuring Ngnix
  • Forwarding traffic to a variable host instead of a predefined one.

Case study: Nginx in Very Large Industrial IT Systems

Maximizing Performance

  • Optimizing performance (Nginx parameters, OS parameters, virtual machine CPU / memory ratio)
  • Client-side performance optimization


  • Restricting access
  • Authentication
  • Secure links
  • Common security issues in Nginx configurations


  • Deploying content across multiple servers
  • Configuration sharing

Enhancing Nginx with LUA scripts and other plugins

  • OpenResty, LuaJIT and Lua libraries

Logging in Nginx

  • Accessing log and error files across multiple servers
  • Optimizing logging

Monitoring Nginx

  • Enhancing maintainability and reliability

Troubleshooting Nginx

Closing remarks


  • An understanding of TCP/IP
  • Experience with the Linux command line
 14 Hours

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