Course Outline


Overview of "selling" through presenting

  • Providing value through informing

  • Combining the power of visualization with the power of great delivery

  • The danger of simply reading the slides

  • Listening vs persuasion

  • Hands on: Discussion and exercise

Overview of PowerPoint 

  • Main features

  • Content organization

  • Graphics and animation

  • Integrating with MS Excel

Preparing the Content

  • Adapting the content to the audience

  • Adapting the content for the duration of the presentation

  • Controlling the flow - from general to specific and vice versa

  • Define the topic scope through great titles

  • Using graphs, tables, and illustrations to create visual impact

  • Hands on: PowerPoint Practice and Exercise

Preparing the Slides 

  • Designing a slide deck

  • Data and visuals (charts, graphs)
  • The danger of including too much information

  • Connecting to PowerPoint to MS Excel

  • Hands on: PowerPoint Practice and Exercise

Setting the Stage for a Great Presentation

  • Understanding yourself, the place, and the audience

  • Mingling with participants before the presentation

  • Using a strong opener to gain trust from the outset

  • Blending your words and body language with your PowerPoint slides

  • Hands on: Your first presentation

During the Presentation

  • Scanning the room

  • Moving around or staying in place

  • Adjusting voice, vocabulary, and pace

  • Where should your hands be?

  • Tracking time

  • Using notes during the presentation

  • Using breaks and stretching exercises to relax and connect

  • Using handouts to engage audience and reduce tension

  • Hands-on: Practice mindful presentation skills

Pitching your Idea, Plan, Product, or Service

  • Establishing credibility

  • Understanding the needs of the audience

  • Demonstrating value

  • Enabling the audience to want what you have

  • Hands-on: Practicing the sell

Avoding Pitfalls (and recovering from them)

  • Bored audience

  • Innappropriate behavior

  • Equipment failure

  • Wrong slides

  • Unforeseen circumstances and other disasters

Practice Makes Perfect

  • Pre-presentation

  • Evaluating yourself through video 

  • How to cram knowledge at the last minute

After the Presentation

  • Mingling and exchanging contact information

  • Obtaining feedback from participants, organizer, etc.

Summary and Conclusion


  • Basic knowledge of Power Point
  14 Hours


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