Course Outline

Why public speaking is important?

  • When do we present?

  • Setting the presentation's goals

  • Setting the presentation's message

  • Possible presentation structures

Fear of public speaking:

  • Why are we afraid of going on stage?

  • How to fight public speaking fear?

  • Exercises for relaxation and boosting confidence


  • How to create a good beginning for your talk?

  • Techniques useful in talk's opening


  • Simplifying the message

  • Metaphors

  • Language of benefits

  • Using the right words


  • How to make a great call to action?

  • How to amplify your message?


  • Social media
  • Networking

How others present?

  • Great talks from TED and other events (with analysis)

Slides and props:

  • Rules of designing slides

  • Examples of good and bad presentations

  • PowerPoint alternatives

  • Use of props

Operating your voice:

  • Pitch of voice

  • How to care for your voice?


  • Preparing short talks during the course
  • Getting feedback for the above


  • No prior knowledge required
  14 Hours

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