Course Outline

Introduction to management 

Having leadership skills in modern management

Leading a team of workers

  • management styles
  • selection of effective management style to team development phases
  • perfect picture manager. Analysis of their own style of leadership
  • analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of his own personality in his capacity as the leader of the team, the designation of development potentials
  • characteristics of effective teams
  • coordination of activities to achieve the set goals

Communication in organizations

  • basis of verbal and nonverbal communication
  • individual styles of communication
  • communication barriers
  • questioning techniques
  • art of active listening
  • constructive criticism
  • giving feedback
  • solving difficult situations during a call
  • communication networks
  • information flow models and their optimization

Selected techniques of conflict resolution in a team of employees

  • the nature and types of conflict
  • the main sources of conflict
  • behavioral style at mastering conflict, appropriate behavior in the dispute
  • assertive and development use conflicts in the work of the team
  • strategies used in conflict situations
  • conflict management
  • main methods of conflict resolution
  • Working with emotions in conflict
  • barriers to communication and conflict resolution. Verbal and non-verbal

Motivating the team management

  • being motivated
  • what motivates people in the organization
  • types of motivation
  • principles of economic incentives
  • principle motivation intangible resources
  • psychological principles to motivate
  • feedback and evaluation
  • the importance of language in motivation

Ability to manage time effectively its use

  • time management matrix
  • to control their own time and dealing with thieves of time
  • time planning techniques
  • delegation of authority and delegation


  • what it is and how to use it
  • individual participants gig
  • in-depth feedback.

Summary of training


The course is general in nature and participation in it does not require specialist knowledge
  14 Hours


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