Course Outline


Overview of Akraino Features and Architecture

  • Key principles (design, build, and run)
  • Supported access methodologies
  • Akraino community
  • Emerging edge technologies

Learning About the Akraino Edge Stack

  • Integration projects (blueprints)
  • Feature projects (development project)
  • Point of delivery (POD)

Exploring Akraino Integration Projects (Blueprints)

  • AI/ML and AR/VR applications at Edge
  • Edge video processing
  • Integrated Edge Cloud (IEC) blueprint family
  • Kubernetes-Native Infrastructure (KNI) blueprint family
  • MicroMEC
  • Network cloud blueprint family
  • StarlingX far edge distributed cloud
  • Telco appliance blueprint family
  • Time-critical edge compute
  • Integrated cloud native NFV/app stack family (short term: ICN)
  • The AI Edge blueprint family
  • 5G MEC system blueprint family
  • Public Cloud Edge Interface (PCEI) blueprint family
  • KubeEdge edge service blueprint
  • IoT area
  • Tami COVID-19 blueprint family
  • Automotive area
  • Proposed blueprints

Exploring Akraino Feature Projects

  • Akraino blueprint validation framework
  • Akraino portal feature project
  • Akraino profiling
  • Akraino regional controller
  • API gateway
  • Backup and restore (Snappy) feature project
  • Cluster Health & Overload Monitoring Platform (CHOMP) feature project
  • MEC API framework
  • Support of OVS-DPDK in Airship
  • Proposed feature projects

Deploying Akraino Blueprints to Edge Sites

  • Edge location assessment
  • Declarative configuration for edge devices
  • Large scale deployments
  • Use case requirements

Getting Involved in the Akraino Community

  • Akraino Wiki page
  • Technical Steering Committee (TSC) goals and activities
  • Shared community lab, files, and links
  • Collaboration with other organizations
  • Confluence for collaboration
  • Project reporting


Summary and Conclusion


  • An understanding of cloud and edge computing concepts


  • Cloud architects
  • Deployment engineers
  • DevOps engineers
  • Developers
 14 Hours

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