Course Outline

Overview of Nessus Interface and navigations

  1. Installing Nessus Server and License
  2. Checking plugins and updating plugins
  3. Scanning windows
  4. Using preloaded scan profiles
  5. Walk through of preinstalled configuration standards
  6. Navigating the interface
  7. Setting up notification


  1. Running simple scans
  2. Running scans from predefined templates
  3. Creating templates from preloaded plugins
  4. Asset discovery scans

Understanding Nessus output:

  1. Understanding Nessus output file
  2. Understanding risk rating and scoring
  3. Eliminating useless data and reducing output
  4. Validating findings
  5. Nessus reporting

Detailed review of Plugins:

  1. Data discovery plugins
  2. System specific plugins
  3. Compliance plugins


Basic Knowledge of common protocols such as HTTP,HTTPS, SSH, SSL, Telnet SFTP etc

Basic knowledge of the OSI layers

Basic knowledge of IP addressing

 28 Hours

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