Course Outline


Setting up Red Hat Ansible Tower and Configuring Core Ansible Tools

  • System requirements for operating with Ansible Tower
  • Upgrading and migrating to Red Hat Ansible Tower
  • Web proxy and Websocket configurations for Ansible Tower

Overview of Red Hat Ansible Tower Features and Architecture

  • Implementing known Ansible concepts
  • Red Hat Ansible Tower for users and administrators

Running and Managing Ansible Tower Services

  • Integrating external databases to a Tower node

Navigating the User Interface of Ansible Tower

  • Monitoring and operating the Activity Stream
  • Utilizing viewing information options in Ansible Tower
  • Working with Ansible Tower Dashboard
  • Accessing and configuring user tasks and schedules

Searching and Sorting Features in Red Hat Ansible Tower

Overview of Additional Ansible Tower Resources and Administrative Options

Controlling User Access and Role-Based Access Control in Red Hat Ansible Tower

  • Organizational roles relevant to Ansible Tower interface
  • Creating and managing users in Ansible Tower
  • Delegating user permissions
  • Creating and working with teams in Ansible Tower

Writing and Customizing Tower Inventory Scripts

  • What is a static Tower inventory?
  • Importing Tower inventory files and updating a project

Getting Started with Ansible Tower Credentials

  • Familiarizing with custom credential types in Ansible Tower
  • Working with multi-credential assignments
  • Specifying multiple vault credentials for job templates
  • Linking credential fields to external systems
  • Uploading machine and cloud credentials to Ansible Tower

Creating Machine Credentials for Accessing Inventory Hosts

Managing and Cleaning Up Ansible Tower Data

  • Removing old data and ob history
  • Handling expired Ansible Tower components

Overview of Ansible Tower Applications, Projects, and Inventories Management

  • Manipulating job templated and job slicing
  • Configuring workflow templates in Ansible Tower

Clustering with OpenShift in Red Hat Ansible Tower

Deploying and Carrying Out Advanced Configurations using OpenShift in Ansible Tower

Securing Ansible Tower and Managing Administrative Functionalities

  • Advanced Tower functionalities and authentication methods

Operating Ansible Tower with GitHub and Webhooks

Integrating Red Hat Ansible Tower with Ansible API

Backing Up and Restoring Ansible Tower

Troubleshooting Red Hat Ansible Tower and Reviewing Logs

Summary and Conclusion


  • Knowledge of Python programming language
  • Familiarity with Ansible platform and Ansible Playbook
  • Experience with Linux system administration and command line
  • Basic understanding of YAML programming syntax
  • Comprehension of IT infrastructure and processes


  • DevOps Engineers
  • Developers
  • Project Managers
  14 Hours

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