Course Outline


Overview of ECharts, Its Uses, and Its Features

Installing and Setting Up ECharts

Drawing Your First Simple Chart with ECharts

  • Setting Up Your Host DOM Element
  • Initializing an ECharts Instance
  • Creating a Simple Bar Chart

Creating a Custom Build of ECharts

Customizing Your Chart Styles: Drawing a Nightingale Rose Pie Chart, Setting the Theme, Styling the Background and Text, and Adding Shadows

Exploring the Various Axis Types in ECharts

Working with Various Chart Types in ECharts

Customizing Your Charts: Playing Around with Available Chart Options in ECharts

Loading and Updating Data Asynchronously in ECharts

Implementing Simple Loading Animation and Effects in ECharts

Implementing Dynamic Data Updating in ECharts

Working with the Dataset Component of ECharts

Adding Various Interaction Components to Your Charts in ECharts

Implementing Mobile Responsive Charts with ECharts

Visual Mapping of Data in ECharts Using the Visual Map Component

Working with Events and Actions in ECharts

Implementing Basic Dragging Capabilities to Your Charts in ECharts

Working with Custom Series in ECharts

Using Rich Text in ECharts

Summary and Conclusion


  • Programming experience with JavaScript
  14 Hours


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