Course Outline


Overview of Professional Scrum Master II

Differences Between PSM I and PSM II Assessments

Learning About the PSM II Certification and Prerequisites

Exploring the Effects of a Successful Scrum Master on the Organization

Working with Complexity and Servant Leadership

Dealing with Team Conflict and Progress Impediments

Applying Effective Facilitation Techniques

Recognizing the Importance of a “Done” Increment

Achieving the Sprint Goal

Refreshing the Purpose of the Scrum Events

Understanding the Role of Management in Scrum

Dealing with Successful Product Delivery

Maximizing the Value of the Product

Managing Product Backlog

Identifying the Challenges of Middle Management

The Scrum Master as a Change Agent

Learning About Scaling Fundamentals

Understanding the PSM II Assessment Structure and Passing Score

Summary and Conclusion


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  • PSM I certification
  • Advanced understanding of Scrum concepts and principles
  • In-depth experience in the Scrum framework


  • PSM I certification holders
  • Product owners
  • Project managers
  • IT professionals
  • Developers
  7 Hours


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