Agile Project Management with Scrum

  14 hours

Scrum for Managers and Executives

  7 hours

Scrum Product Owner

  7 hours

Scrum - Step by Step

  14 hours

Managing Projects using Waterfall and Agile Techniques

  14 hours

Scrum Essentials Workshop

  14 hours

Leading the Lean-Agile Software Enterprise with the Scaled Agile Framework® - Scaled Agilist Certification (SA)

  14 hours

SAFe® 4.0 Advanced Scrum Master Course with ASM Certification

  14 hours

Agile Business Analysis

  14 hours

Preparation for Scrum Master

  14 hours

Scrum Practitioner

  14 hours

Scrum for an advanced Scrum Master + preparation for PSM II

  14 hours

Scrum Master II

  7 hours


  14 hours


  14 hours

Agile Software Testing

  14 hours

Introduction to Agile Testing

  14 hours

SAFe® for Teams

  14 hours

Effective Agile Project Management with Jira & Confluence

  7 hours

The trainer was very open and adaptable to our specific needs, good discussions and moderated very well.

John Kramer [Agile Project Management with Scrum]

The simulation part. This simulation exercise could help us learn the theory in a more concrete way.

Andrew Yan [Preparation for Professional Scrum Master]

I enjoyed the best practice knowledge sharing, exercise to practice with project.

Anne Babilon-Teubenbacher [Preparation for Professional Scrum Master]

Large part only about practicing Scrum & lots of practical insights and experience sharing. Thank you, Bernard!.

Julia Post [Preparation for Professional Scrum Master]

I really enjoyed the content and exercises.

Oguzhan Onkal [Scrum - Step by Step]

I really liked the balls exercise.

alexis jamian [Scrum Essentials Workshop]

The trainer adapted every stage of the session in order to match as well the ideal case from the subject to our organization needs and possibilities.

Wenceslas Lariviere [Scrum Essentials Workshop]

I was benefit from the how to mediate between parties or persons have different opinions.

Ho Beom Jeon [Scrum Essentials Workshop]

I liked the fun activities to emphasis the agile / scrum approach.

Robert Lawton [Scrum Essentials Workshop]

I liked Francisco's style - he was knowledgeable and approachable.

Richard Sandell [Agile Project Management with Scrum]

I think the exercieses was ok.

- Mentor Graphics Polska Sp. z o.o. [Scrum - Step by Step]

I really enjoyed practise exercises and simulation.

- Mentor Graphics Polska Sp. z o.o. [Scrum - Step by Step]

I liked the exercises to use and practice the performance tools.


I enjoyed the exercises on how the principle and methodology is applied.

- AIG Shared Services - Business Processing, Inc. [Agile Project Management with Scrum]

I genuinely enjoyed the profesionalism.

- Cognitran [Scrum - Step by Step]

Friendly and helpful trainer. Not just a presentation and watching slides, was very interactive.

Megan Mortby - Cognitran [Scrum - Step by Step]

I mostly was benefit from the engagement and good discussions.

- Cognitran [Scrum - Step by Step]


- Net Vision [Scrum Essentials Workshop]

Exercises and demos.

- Net Vision [Scrum Essentials Workshop]

The activities. It helped the audience understand and apply what they have learned from the discussions

- Net Vision [Scrum Essentials Workshop]

fluent english a huge knowledge and experience

- Spartez Sp. z o.o. sp. k. [Scrum Product Owner]

That was amazing! I've never been to a training like that before: mix of knowledge, professionalism, politeness, amazing contact with the audience.

Karolina Wronska - Spartez Sp. z o.o. sp. k. [Scrum Product Owner]

The trainer.

Michał Warkocz - Spartez Sp. z o.o. sp. k. [Scrum Product Owner]

I liked the hands-on approach, multiple tools presented in action + comments from each team. The fact that we worked on own ideas for products.

- Spartez Sp. z o.o. sp. k. [Scrum Product Owner]

I liked very much the mood and the peace of the trainer.

Daniel Iliescu - Provident Polska S.A. [Effective Agile Project Management with Jira & Confluence]

Practical work

Inna Moroz - Security Software OÜ [Effective Agile Project Management with Jira & Confluence]

The trainer had tailored the focus to best suit the needs of the audience and continually analysed the delegate comments / questions adding in extra content to make the training as effective as it could be. From this there quickly developed a strong rapport between trainer and delegates which created a very engaging atmosphere (no easy feat considering the training was remote!) and willing participation in the interactive elements. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt a huge amount.

Benjamin Jenkins - KnowledgePool [Scrum for Managers and Executives]

Interactive, but not too much. Easy to follow and good despite being remotely accessed.

KnowledgePool [Scrum for Managers and Executives]

I was able to learn about some more advanced functions that I didn't know about before. And like I said, once I was able to show him what my pages looked like, I got more specific training/coaching.

Dolls Kill [Effective Agile Project Management with Jira & Confluence]

The content was useful but not applicable for my role. Even though I had filled in are course evaluation form, feedback should have been provided to GP to advise myself or my manager of this.

  [Agile Project Management with Scrum]

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