Course Outline

Introduction to ROS-Industrial (ROS-I)

Overview of ROS-I Features and Architecture

Installing and Configuring ROS-I

Setting Up the ROS-I Development Environment

Overview of Unified Robot Description Formats (URDFs) on ROS-I

Using Interface Libraries (Drivers) on ROS-I

Tracking Coordinate Frames on ROS-I Using TF

Motion Planning on ROS-I

  • MoveIt! Application
  • RViz
  • C++

Creating a Simple MoveIt! Application

Setting Up a New Robot with ROS-I

  • Creating and Verifying a URDF
  • Creating and Updating a MoveIt! Package for ROS-I
  • Testing on ROS-I Simulator

Working with Descartes on ROS-I

  • Descartes Architecture
  • Descartes for Robotic Routing
  • Descartes for Robotic Blending
  • Trajectory Points on Descartes
  • Overview of Descartes Path Planning

Creating a Simple Descartes Application

Working with Perception on ROS-I

  • Camera Calibration
  • Working with 3D Cameras and 3D Data
  • Overview of Perception Processing Pipeline
  • Perception Tools

Creating a Simple Perception Application

Performing Path Planning on ROS-I

Building a Perception Pipeline on ROS-I


Summary and Conclusion


  • Basic experience with Linux
  • Basic C++ programming experience
  • Basic familiarity with ROS
  14 Hours


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