Course Outline


  • What is "infrastructure operations management" and "configuration management"?
  • Credential‑less vs credential‑based discovery

Overview of ServiceNow Discovery Features and Architecture

How ServiceNow Discovery Collects Data

Navigating the UI

Understanding the Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

Setting up MID Servers

Obtaining and Testing Device Credentials

Establishing, Maintaining, and Updating Services in CMDB

Classifying CIs (Configuration Items)

Scheduling, Running and Validating Horizontal Discovery

Inspecting Collected Data

Integrating with Third-Party Software Management Products

Extending ServiceNow Discovery through APIs


Summary and Conclusion


  • An general understanding of IT Operations Management
  • JavaScript programming experience


  • System administrators
  • IT administrators
  • IT infrastructure engineers
  • Technical support
  • ServiceNow consultants
 28 Hours

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