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14 Hours


Knowledge of Deep Learning, and one of the following languages:

  • Java
  • Scala

and the following software:

  • Java (developer version) 1.7 or later (Only 64-Bit versions supported)
  • Apache Maven
  • IntelliJ IDEA or Eclipse
  • Git




Deeplearning4j is an open-source, distributed deep-learning library written for Java and Scala. Integrated with Hadoop and Spark, DL4J is designed to be used in business environments on distributed GPUs and CPUs.

Word2Vec is a method of computing vector representations of words introduced by a team of researchers at Google led by Tomas Mikolov.


This course is directed at researchers, engineers and developers seeking to utilize Deeplearning4J to construct Word2Vec models.


     Course Outline

Getting Started

  • DL4J Examples in a Few Easy Steps
  • Using DL4J In Your Own Projects: Configuring the POM.xml File


  • Introduction
  • Neural Word Embeddings
  • Amusing Word2vec Results
  • the Code
  • Anatomy of Word2Vec
  • Setup, Load and Train
  • A Code Example
  • Troubleshooting & Tuning Word2Vec
  • Word2vec Use Cases
  • Foreign Languages
  • GloVe (Global Vectors) & Doc2Vec

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The course could be tailored to suit your needs and objectives. It can also be delivered on your premises if preferred.








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