Course Outline


Overview of the Azure Command Line Interface (CLI)

  • Managing Your Solutions with Azure CLI and Resource Manager
  • Installing the Azure CLI
  • Logging into Azure
  • Dealing with Multiple Azure Subscriptions

Creating and Managing Virtual Machines

Creating a Resource Group

Listing Resources and Configuring Output Formats

Querying Resources

Deleting Resources

Using the Azure Cloud Shell

Creating and Managing Storage Accounts

Managing Blobs, Queues, Tables, and File Shares

Creating and Managing Web Apps

Creating and Managing SQL Databases

Connecting a Web App to an SQL Database

Using the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) for Resource Deployment

  • Creating an ARM Template
  • Deploying the Template
  • Customizing the Template

Using Service Principals for Automation

  • Creating an Azure Service Principal for Your Application
  • Configuring Access and Managing Roles
  • Using Managed Service Identity for Azure Functions

Getting Help on Azure

Summary and Troubleshooting

Closing Remarks


  • Basic understanding of Microsoft Azure
  7 Hours


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