Course Outline


  • Overview of Microsoft Copilot
  • Benefits and features of using Microsoft Copilot

Getting Started

  • Understanding the prerequisites
  • Setting up and configuring Microsoft Copilot

Using Microsoft Copilot

  • Navigating the Copilot interface
  • Understanding the basics of Copilot in completing code
  • Accepting and rejecting Copilot
  • Customizing Copilot

Using Advanced Microsoft Copilot Features

  • Using collaborative coding
  • Using multilingual coding
  • Understanding Copilot issues and limitations

Microsoft Copilot Integration

  • Copilot integration with Visual Studio Code
  • Copilot integration with GitHub
  • Copilot integration with Teams
  • Understanding compatibility with development tools

Best Practices

  • Maximizing the features and benefits of Copilot
  • Using Copilot for efficient coding
  • Troubleshooting tips

Summary and Next Steps


  • Understanding of the Microsoft system
  • Basic understanding of coding concepts


  • Software developers
  • Programmers
  14 Hours


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