Node.js concepts & administration, Express.js, V8 engine, monitoring, pm2 Training Course

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14 hours (usually 2 days including breaks)


This course has been created with the following objectives:

  • Node.js fundamental concepts
  • V8 engine internals
  • Administration of Express.js applications
  • Performance & Monitoring
  • Process management 

This course is aimed at apprehending the tools and concepts required to administer Node.js/Expres.js applications, understand and monitor performance in a V8 engine environment.

Course Outline


  • Installation of Express.js
  • Directory structure of an Express.js application
  • Creation of a server
  • Routing & Middleware functions
    • Error handling
    • server side Logging
  • Server side modules: HTTP, HTTPS, URL, SSL/TLS, Cluster, DNS, Process & child process, REPL, Zlib
  • Load balancing in association with nginx

Node.js - the foundation (Concepts and architecture only)

  • Node.js, V8 & Server side development
    • Blocking vs. Non-Blocking
    • Event-driven Programming
    • Event Loop & the single threaded demultiplexer
  • npm as a package manager
    • Dependency mechanisms
    • The package.json file
  • Version migrations

V8 engine internals

  • Performance
  • V8 as a compiler
  • Memory schemes
  • Garbage collection
  • Memory leaks


  • Monitoring with sematext
  • Monitoring with ruxit

1.5 PM2

  • Application packaging and deployments
  • Nodejs+pm2 runtime packaging and deployment
  • Nodejs scripts package
  • Checking and switching nodejs version
  • Filesystem locations and standards
  • Logging
  • Init scripts
  • SSL/TLS certificates
  • Monitoring
  • Stop, start, delete, resurrect applications
  • Stop, start, resurrect PM2 process



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