Course Outline

Basics of working with Visio - basic concepts - program interface - using templates

Content creation - shapes - shape operations (add, select, resize, change appearance, rotate, copy, group) - shape intelligence

Connecting shapes - connectors - types of connectors - types of connections - built-in connectors

Text - adding text to shapes - text blocks - editing texts - text operations - inserting automatically filled and updated text fields

Protection of objects and documents - protection of individual objects - protection of documents

Formatting - text formatting - shape link formatting - shape fill formatting - tools to help arrange shapes

Diagram management - multi-page documents - page setup management - printing diagrams - annotating diagrams - advanced diagram search

Export of diagrams - export in the form of graphics - export in the vector form - viewing diagrams in Visio Viewer

Layers - what are layers and what are they for - assigning individual shapes to layers - working with layers

Advanced elements of using Visio - import/export of data - storing information (custom properties) - using the built-in help - importing Visio diagrams in other applications from the family Microsoft Office


Basic computer usage

  14 Hours

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